Can we use Ginger.Studio without login in ?

You need to have a Google account to access Ginger.Studio services.

How to create a new project ?

You can create a new project either from the home page or by clicking on “+” in the navigation bar.


How to download a video ?

Move in “Media” and click on “Upload”.


What are the different subscriptions?

How to use the timeline ?

For beginning, add a média by clicking the button “+”.


Once your video is added to the project, you can add an image.


It is possible to choose when the image will appear on the video. To do this, click on the padlock on the lower right, and reduce or increase the size with the yellow edges on each side.



How to add sound ?

Go to “Audio then click on the” + “button.


How to add text ?

Click on “Text” to add text to the video.


How to change the language ?

Change the language by clicking on the top right button.


How to delete a media ?

In “media”, hover over a video: at the top right 2 buttons will be display. Click on the red cross to remove it.


How to rename a media ?

In the same way as to delete a video, click on the yellow pencil to rename the media.


How to cut a video ?

Click on the yellow pair of scissors.













Cut the video using the yellow arrows on each side.


How to add transitions ?

You can add transitions using the input and output effects.


How to export a project ?

Go to the “Export” section and click on “Export”.


What format are the videos uploaded to?

The videos are downloaded in “mp4” format.

How to add subtitles ?

Press the “Subtitles” button to generate the subtitles.


How to translate subtitles ?

Choose the language you want for subtitles.


How to sign out ?

Click on the profile icon at the top right, then click on “Logout”.