Why Ginger ?

Why use Ginger ?

Stockage des données

Sécurité des données

Gestion de projets

Durablité d'un projet

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Your project:

Data storage

Date security

Ongoing project management

Modification of a project


Follow-up of the broadcast

New projects et re-editing of  existing videos

Without Ginger

Local (hard disk, local network...)

Loss of masters, rushes not stored. Every project starts from scratch.

Need to work with a freelancer or agency

Dependency on the provider makes changes time-consuming.

Billing by language.

Contact the agency or the freelancer to get the master, upload and then broadcast internally or externally.

Loss of time in interaction, loading, unloading, no memory of the broadcasts, of the analytics, no dashboard of the various video broadcasts

Contact an agency or a freelancer

Billing, need for briefing, follow-up.

With Ginger

Cloud Library

Management and consolidation of photo assets.

Rushes over time, your media available at all times.

Projects are in the cloud to work flexibly & make your own modifications. Ability to search for a clip by keyword/face, automation of translations and subtitles. Use templates that lock in your visual identity.

Time saving, with immediate rendering after modifications. Ease of obtaining pre-release approvals. Multilingual versions available, with automatic subtitling and translation.

Broadcasting from the platform. Centralization of broadcasts. Possibility to have a dashboard of the analytics of all the videos. Possibility to rebroadcast in one click.

Global monitoring of posted videos. Vision of the performance. Tracking of clips used, of users.

Re-use of existing projects to edit a new project. Rushes are stored ready for new use.

Time saving, autonomy, possibility to go back for each new use, to adapt the videos.